In a world where everyone has something to say about how to live our lives, a stray dog taught me some invaluable lessons.

Photographs of Anthony Reddington & Cujo in Turkey

Advice is relentless

Throughout life we’re all bombarded with advice and opinion on how to live our lives. In our early years this information usually comes from our parents and we assume that they know everything. Then as teenagers we rebel, and assume they know nothing. Our role models change and a lot of teenagers gravitate towards Instagram and YouTube for their advice and inspiration.

We grow up admiring and respecting what certain people can teach us, be it from teachers, rap stars, sports stars, bloggers, entrepreneurs etc. There is so much opinion coming from all angles that it’s hard…

I think I have long-covid, and I’m scared that it might be killing me.

On July 4th 2020 I had my 47th birthday, and life was good. Besides growing a ridiculously long and unruly beard, I’d used the lockdown in the UK to focus on my fitness. I’d always kept reasonably fit, but in 2020 I upped the anti. Maybe it was a subconscious way to combat the virus that lurked omnipotently around us, or maybe it’s just what I would have done with all that extra free time anyway. But whatever the underlying reason, I found myself cycling 100…

9 Unarguable Traits of Superstar Sales People.

And 1 extra arguable trait for good measure

Many people are attracted to working in sales because it can pay great money without needing professional qualifications. It can also pay awfully, as sales pay is more often than not, performance related. So what gives some sellers the ability to make fortunes, whilst others remain paupers?

In the 25 years I’ve spent in sales; as a sales person, sales manager, regional manager, head of sales, and in my current role as a sales director, I’ve worked with hundreds if not thousands of sales people…

My Keto Rap

I’ve tried every diet that is under the sun,

Every time I begun, it was just no fun.

They all made me hungry based on calorie restriction,

But I’ve found a diet that is stranger than fiction.

Cabbage Soup Diet, Mediterranean Diet,

South Beach Diet, why don’t you try it?

All the advertising messages causing confusion,

Try Atkins, Weight Watchers, Try Asian Fusion.

Well I tried them all, over the years,

The one thing in common, they bring me to tears.

I might lose a bit but it comes back on the scales,

In 2019 human beings…

I’m 45 years old, and all my life I’ve had to battle with my weight. And when I say battle, I mean constantly, almost everyday has been a struggle just to stay on the right side of what is an acceptable weight. I’ve fluctuated most of my adult life from being about 15lbs overweight to being 45lbs overweight, despite leading a reasonably active lifestyle which involves cycling and weight training.

I’ve tried every diet going to lose the flab. I’ve had modicums of success, but in the end the lure of food has been too great, and my old eating…

Summer is almost upon us and if you’ve ever considered cycling as a hobby, there is no better time to start. The popularity of cycling in the UK has grown massively over the last few years, so much so, that now more than two million of us across the country cycle at least once a week.

So why the massive surge in popularity? Well, there appear to have been a number of contributing factors creating a perfect storm of rising pedal power. The 2007 Tour de France started in London which attracted a lot of attention. The following year Great…

This is my tale, I like to philander,
When I talk to Amanda, I do it with candor.
On Friday it’s Sam, on Saturday Cassandra.
But now there’s a problem with my salamander.

I first felt the pain after I had Jane,
But I wasn’t quite sure, so I fucked her again.
I told her straight, ‘I’m getting get rid of ya.
Your blow job’s great, but you’ve given me chlamydia.’

‘I don’t have it,’she screamed. So maybe it was Susie?
Maybe Laura or Jean, or some other floozy?
Could it be Leigh? Poor old me! …

In June 1997, a couple of months before Princess Diana tragically died in a car crash, I too was involved in a very serious car accident which left me maimed and losing so much blood, I believed I would die. I’ve never written about what happened, and if you’ve ever wondered what going through trauma is like, please read on. Disclaimer; not for the squeamish.

At the time of the crash I was 23 years old and very fit, regularly practicing Thai boxing. It was after a session at the Thai boxing gym one evening when my girlfriend Louise came…

Anthony Reddington

47 years old and still learning. Taking one day at a time.

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